A Girl Child Is A Blessing

Think About A World Without Them...


Whatever You Did
For One Of The Least Of These

Brothers & Sisters Of Mine You Did For Me. ~Matthew 25:40


To All Who Bought
A Hope Home Bracelet

You Made It Possible For 120 Children To Receive New School Uniforms!


All Because Of Your Support!

Over 150 Tennis Shoes Were Distributed To Kids Who Have Never Owned A Pair.

Our Mission

We believe love is an action not merely a spoken word. We believe in a form of love that seeks nothing in return. By feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving drink to the thirsty and loving the unloved, whether they be in the far reaches of India and Africa or right here on our own home soil of the United States, we are proving that love is alive!

See How Your Support Changes Lives!

Mission Photos

Your Support Matters

We just want to say THANK YOU!  Your support matters more than you could possibly imagine.  With your support and prayers we are changing the treatment of young girls and woman in India who as young as 5 years old are cast into sex and slave trafficking.

Your donations help us to provide food, caretakes, healthcare, education and most importantly allows us to show them the love of Christ.  We know this vision was given to us by the Holy Spirit and He will make a way!